Cadres de stéréotaxie (gamme 2034 et 2051)

The mixted frame REGIS-VALLICCIONI allows to perform neurosurgical in stereotactic conditions such as SEEG or brain biopsy. It consists in an adaptation of a Leksell® G-Frame (requires to own a Leksell frame), that reduces the deformation of the frame due to the tightening of the skull of the patient. Fiducial panels are used for XRay spoting, Talairach style grids are used to place precisely the surgical tools regarding to the target defined by the pre-surgical planning.

CE class I medical device.

The NATAF adaptation allows a precise and repeatable positioning of a Leksell® G-Frame on a seated patient, in stereotactic or radiotherapy room. The fixation and re-positioning of the frame is obtained through percutaneous screws implanted on the head of the patient. Alcis percutaneous screws include a marker visible through MRI and X-ray imaging, this allows to make imaging fusion obtained from several means.

Frame: CE class I medical device. Percutaneous screws: CE 1014 class III medical device.

The use of a mixed frame REGIS-VALLICCIONI and the NATAF adaptation requires owning a Leksell® frame, provided separately from Alcis stereotactic systems.